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Buy your Happy Cafe Hapus ticket here and gain access to 6 weeks of online workouts, workshops and information to support your health and well-being.



 The Café Life 
•    Cardio Workout – 6.15 – 6.45pm
o    A variety of cardio based workouts that you can do in your home to improve your overall aerobic fitness. This 30-minute session can then be bolted onto one of the Conditioning sessions for a longer workout.
•    Pilates – 7 – 7.45pm
o    A 45-minute Mat Based Pilates class. Over the next 6 weeks, I will lead you through a progressive training programme that will be suitable for a beginner or intermediate Pilates’s person. Adaptations will be given so that you get the most out of the session.
•    Live Talk – 8 – 8.45pm
o    Each week I will deliver a live 45-minute talk on a given subject – the full list is at the end of this sheet. The talks are there to enhance your Café experience and to support you in your fitness journey. Following the talk, I will post a supporting document that you can download for future use. The talks will always be available to see at any other time throughout the Café – so you can catch up when you like – including just wearing headphones and listening when you are off for your walk x

•    Conditioning Workout – 7.30 – 7.50am
o    This 20-minute workout is a fairly fast paced session that you can do before work or add onto any of the cardio sessions to create a tailored workout. 
•    Weights Workout - 6.15 – 6.45pm
o    An important part of any training programme, this 45-minute strength and conditioning session will help you increase your joint stability, your bone density, your posture and support your fitness goals.
o    As a beginner, you are welcome to use alternative items such as a heavy rucksack and some bottles of milk etc to get the desired effect – as you become more confident and proficient, we recommend that you look into buying some small weights. Start with some 1- 2kg dumbbells and work up to 3-5kg with the option of getting a body bar and weighted plates for maximum effect. You will not regret investing in these items – they could be an ideal present!
•    Pilates Relax – 7pm – 7.30pm
o    An opportunity to unwind in this 30-minute relaxation and evening stretch. Using Progressive Muscle Relaxation, which has been clinically shown to reduce tension headaches, insomnia, chronic pain management, including arthritis and IBS, we will follow the tense and release patterns to help you relax at the end of the day. Wear your PJ’s as there is a strong chance of sleep… 
•    Pilates – 07.30 – 07.50am
o    A 20-minute Mat Based Pilates session, usually only including two or three Pilates exercises, but all done with a rate of intensity to cause a training effect. Can be adjusted to suit your fitness level and is ideal for a quick workout blast when you are short of time. 
•    Fizzy Workout - 6.15 – 7pm
o    A unique workout designed by Rachel Hubbard, this session will combine a variety of fitness training protocols to bring you an all over cardio and conditioning workouts.  The rhythm and tempo changes throughout the class to keep you engaged and motivated, alongside some serious moves to challenge your fitness. Adaptable to all levels of fitness, this 45-minute session is a treat! 
•    Pilates Workshop 8am – 8.30am
o    Concentrating on the guiding principles of Pilates, this 30-minute session will help you to understand how to execute the Pilates exercises in the most effective way.
o    Although there is more teaching detail in this session, there is still plenty of opportunity to have a great workout – and practice your new-found skills. 
•    Bore Da Pilates 9am – 9.30am
o    A Café favourite with a 30-minute standing stretch and Pilates class to wake you up for the day. Whether you are doing a post run stretch, or a get out of bed and get going routine, you will find your body moves more freely, your mind is alert and generally able to face the day with a smile.
o    Please have something stable to hold onto if your balance is poor.
o    PS – yes, you can do this in your PJ’s…

Café Chats

Each week I will deliver an online blog spot where I talk about the latest research into a given area, my life in general, and some tips of how to interweave these new ideas into your own life x

    01/11/21 - Café Life  - what is the Café all about and how can you make the most of it. We look at the science behind motivation to change and see how we can harness some of this as we end the year on a high x
    08/11/21 – Fat Food – at this time of the year, the shelves are laden with enticing “treats” that can be hard to resist. Find out some of the evidence based ways of reframing how we look at food, how we can chose to make good choices without feeling hard done by. How by the end of the year you will feel less bloated, more energetic and have greater ability to concentrate. 
    15/11/21 – Get Outside! – If you are not bored to tears of me talking about how good it is to exercise in the outdoors, then come along and listen to a long list of exciting scientific findings on the power of being outdoors. I will point you in the right direction as to how often, how long, how hard, how much effort etc you need to do to get the positive changes. Being outside is accessible to all, it is free, and you can include this at a time to suit you. Bask in the glow of my happy place 
    22/11/21 – HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training – find out about how we can harness the science behind blasts of energy to improve our overall fitness and well-being. Regardless of age or fitness level, this type of training has been shown to bring incredible results – from fat loss, lower cholesterol, reduced coronary disease, reductions in depression/anxiety/stress.  We will look at what triggers these dramatic body changes and how you can then adapt your exercise sessions with the confidence that you are doing it right.
    29/11/21 – Self-Determination Theory  – Psychology was one of the main reasons that I did a second degree late  in life.  I am fascinated by how we can argue ourselves into places where we don’t want to be with irrational and emotive behaviour. Why do we sometime sabotage our desire to become a healthier person, and why is it that we find it a challenge to stick at things.  The Self-Determination Theory is one where we look inwards to our own motivations – brought together with some other insights such as the Chimp Parody, we look at how we can now set ourselves a “New Year’s Resolution” without panicking that we will not be able to stick at it x
    06/12/21 – Jingle Bells  – Christmas can often be a taxing time of the year – for many reasons. This talk is how we can manage the worry with a mindfulness and meditative practice and how the art of being kind and grateful affect our own wellbeing. At a time of year for giving, this session is all about giving back to you x


Happy Café Hapus

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