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International Women's Day

International Women's Day Celebration

March 15, 2024

Join us for a day dedicated to celebrating women and their incredible contributions! We'll gather to connect, chat, and explore various classes together.

This event is dedicated to honouring and empowering women while focusing on health, wellness, and education. It promises to be a day filled with inspiration and empowerment, featuring engaging activities and insightful discussions.

In support of women in need, we kindly ask for a small donation to Women's Aid for this event.

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What's On


Please feel free to come along to any of the sessions.  There is an appointment schedule for Morwenna, but all other sessions are open to join in as you wish. 

Health & Fitness Specialist

Rachel Hubbard

Bringing you information on how exercise and nutrition can help you through the menopause, as well as a fun workout to show you that not all exercise has to be hard work...

11am - Menopause & Health Talk

12.30 - 30 minutes of Disco-Bix!

Yoga Retreat

Yoga for Menopause

Sarah McKenna

Try a wonderful Yoga for Menopause session or relax and revitalise with Sarah McKenna

1.15pm - Yoga Strong Menopause

1.45pm - Relax & Revitalise Yoga


Samantha Ackerman

Sam will bring joy and happiness in the expressive form of Zumba!  Free to all 

11:45 - 12:15

Fitness Class
Morwenna foot.jpeg

Foot Check

Reflexology with Morwenna Grey

Book a short appointment with Morwenna to see how reflexology can help your health

Supplement Advice

Debra Simpson-Jones, Ignite

Have an opportunity to discuss with Debra how supplements may help your health

Image by Diana Polekhina

Crafty Stiches

Jude James-Middleton

Jude  will showcase and offer the purchase of her exceptional homemade craft items

Olive Oil - Ty Bach Twt

Helen Lyall-Williams

Experience the incredible health benefits of olive oil firsthand! Don't miss the opportunity to sample the exquisite olive oil crafted by Helen Lyall Williams.

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