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rbhfitness  - Happy Café Hapus

"I have so enjoyed the café. I have been inspired to try classes that I haven’t done before..... and really enjoyed, especially the live ones. It motivates me to be there!! And the 20 min sessions are not too daunting. Ideal in fact. I have enjoyed the talks and like that it all relates to the big picture. Really good to understand what is actually happening when you exercise, rest, and eat a good diet. Love all the research that backs it up.
Looking forward to the next café. I will really enjoy the Pilates(my fave) and would love to learn more about ‘Pilates flow’ that we touched on.
The holistic approach has been wonderful"

"I'm currently taking part in my second Caffi Hapus and have signed up for another session in New Year. I'd noticed Rachel's posts on Facebook and was interested but a bit scared that the classes might be too much for me as the only exercise I'd been doing regularly for some years was walking. However, a brief chat with someone who'd already taken part in a café reassured me and I'm so glad I joined. The main attraction for me is that I can do the exercises at home, in my own time, although I do try to do some when they go out live, just to give a structure to my day. I'm too self-conscious of my lack of co-ordination to truly enjoy classes in leisure centres, etc, so this is perfect for me. I like the fact I can watch a class online before actually doing it, if I want, and get the moves clear in my head. Rachel is an excellent teacher. She makes sure she films herself from different angles so we can get the moves right, and she also ensures there are different levels of difficulty built into the classes, which, as a relative novice, I found really useful. I also appreciate the contextual information she gives us about anatomy, etc. I've not had any trouble with the technical side of things despite not being very tech-savvy. The group Facebook page is well structured so you can find the relevant class quickly if you're not following it live. I've amazed myself by discovering that the classes I most enjoy are classes I might well never have ventured to join in real life, i.e., the weighted workouts and cardio workouts. Rachel explains the techniques so clearly and always responds promptly to any query. Last but not least, it's excellent value for money with so many classes and talks and explanatory material available to us.


Happy Café  Hapus

I was reluctant participant thinking my traditional form of daily exercise was sufficient. I eventually got into the habit of doing at least one of your recorded day routines daily. The most appealing initially, as you may recall, is your evening Stretch & Relax! Shortly after I tried your Bore Da Pilates; what a difference after working these into my daily routine over a few months. My sense of wellbeing, flexibility and energy level improved dramatically.
I have been working out with different instructors in Canada, USA and UK over fifty years. Your holistic approach is the best yet. I’m 75 shortly and had expected stiffness and soreness of the joints to be a natural part of the ageing process. Last I checked at the Gym, 2 years ago, my body age was 58, I’ll be checking it again after being back into a routine for month to a see where its at.

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