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Online Workouts

Welcome to our online workouts - enjoy a wide range of sessions and talks at a time to suit you.

Passes allow you access to all videos in the Pilates, Fitness and Information sections. 

Choose from one week, to one month or recurring payments.

Pilates Mat Work

Classical Pilates starting from beginners through to intermediate level with various options for your fitness level.

20 & 45 minute sessions 

Standing Pilates

Standing Pilates to improve your balance and core strength.

30 minutes

Pilates Unwind

Stretch and relax with Pilates. 30 minutes on your mat

HIIT Cardio

Improve your fitness with this varied cardio and resistance training session.

 You will need a small weight for this session

45 minutes

Functional Fitness

A conditioning session with band and small weight.

20 minutes

Aero Cardio

A varied aerobic cardio workout to keep you fit and healthy.


30 minutes

Weighted Workout

Structured workout with weights. Ideally, have some dumbbells and a weighted bar. 

60 minutes

Cafe Chat

A range of talks on health and well-being to support your fitness journey

45 minutes

Motivate Me

A pep talk to keep you motivated for the times that you lose your mojo

15 minutes

Pilates Workshop

Learn how to improve your Pilates technique and understanding

30 minutes

Click here if you have joined the recent live and interactive Cafe's and want to repeat any of the workouts

Find here the free "This Works" videos and a selection for those who have Pass Y Borth

If you have completed a course online with rbhfitness, here is where you can watch the videos

  • Cafe Menopause

  • Menopause & Exercise for Fitness Professionals

  • Osteoporosis

  • Pilates and your Pelvic Floor

  • Pilates Back Care

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