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Rachel Hubbard BSc

Cafe 24

Starts 15/01/24

Discover a Healthier Start:
Cafe 24 with Rachel Hubbard

As the new year approaches, it's an ideal time to embark on a journey toward a healthier you. Cafe 24, led by Rachel Hubbard, invites you to explore the countless benefits of an active lifestyle within a supportive community.


Why Choose This Path?

1. Enhanced Physical Well-being:  Regular physical activity improves heart health, circulation, and overall fitness, reducing the risk of chronic health issues and supporting bone strength.

2. Increased Vitality: Exercise isn't just movement; it sparks boundless energy and enthusiasm, setting a vibrant tone for each day. 

3. Mental Strength: Exercise fosters mental clarity and resilience. Engage with a community that nurtures a sense of belonging and unity.

4. Community Connection:  Join a space where individuals share experiences and support each other's wellness journey. It's more than fitness; it's a shared commitment to growth and encouragement.

5. Balanced Wellness: Through consistent activity and a balanced lifestyle, attain holistic well-being beyond weight management—it's about feeling your best.

Starts on the 15th January 2024 until 24th February, with online access to the videos until the end of the year. 

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What is the "Cafe" ?

Welcome to The Cafe, your safe haven for online fitness where you'll embark on a journey to enhance your wellness through tailored workouts designed to optimize your goals.

As we navigate this time of year, where many of us are mindful of our health and eager for lifestyle changes, I've crafted a comprehensive 6-week program aimed at guiding you towards your objectives.

With years of experience as a certified coach dedicated to fostering better health and vitality, I've walked the path of managing family, health issues, and the complexities of balancing work and life. The Cafe is designed to assist you in discovering ways to incorporate exercise seamlessly into your daily routine.

At 61 years old and a proud grandmother, my dedication to fitness remains unwavering. However, my priorities have evolved. Now, my aim is to use fitness to bolster my health, invigorate my spirit, and ensure restful sleep.

I commit to giving my utmost effort, drawing from all my expertise, to provide you with vibrant workouts and supportive sessions to fuel your journey. Join me, and let's embark on this empowering fitness adventure together.

The Timetable

  • Monday: Ignite your week with HIIT at 6pm followed by Pilates Conditioning at 7pm

  • Tuesday: Energise your morning with Pilates Mat Work at 7:30am and join our science-based Café Chat supporting your health at 7:30pm

  • Wednesday: Unleash your strength with a Weighted Workout at 6pm and unwind with Back Care Pilates at 7pm

  • Thursday: Start your day with Aero Cardio at 7:30am for an exhilarating workout!

  • Friday: Embrace functional fitness at 7:30am to power through the end of the week!

  • Saturday: Start your weekend with Standing Pilates at 9am followed by a 15-minute Motivate Me talk at 9:30am to keep you inspired

Cafe Chat

Cafe 24: Boost Your Health and Happiness

Explore how Café 24 can improve your overall well-being.

Discover strategies to increase energy levels, improve sleep quality, foster positivity, find motivation, and embrace healthy eating habits.

16/01/24 - Demystifying Diets: Navigating the Endless Options 
Unravel the abundance of information surrounding various "diets." Delve into understanding their core principles and assess if they resonate with your lifestyle. Dive into the diet cycle and explore scientifically-proven aspects of healthy eating.

23/01/23 - Energise with Healthy Eating
Learn what to incorporate and reduce in your daily diet to boost energy levels, promote an active lifestyle, and align with your health and fitness aspirations.

30/01/24 - The Impact of Stress on Weight Gain 
Understand the adverse effects of chronic stress on our bodies, including its role in weight gain and exacerbating health issues. Uncover the stress cycle and discover ways to maintain overall health.

06/02/24 - Time-Restricted Eating: Beyond What You Eat 
Dive into recent research highlighting the significance of meal timing alongside food choices. Explore the benefits of Time-Restricted Eating, such as reduced cholesterol, improved insulin resistance, and a strengthened immune system.

13/02/24 - Muscle Mass: The Key to Fat Burning  
Demystify the misconceptions around weight training, including the myth of "muscle turning to fat." Discover the truth about how weightlifting enhances overall health and aids in fat burning.

21/02/22 - Sustainable Lifestyle Changes: Reinforcing Progress
As the Café journey concludes, explore methods to sustain the knowledge gained over the past 6 weeks. Establish a supportive environment conducive to maintaining healthy lifestyle changes.

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  • I would say "absolutely".... a wonderful course and can highly recommend for the variety of classes and the fact they are all accessible at a later date and time. I have repeated many classes, missed many classes, watched many classes from bed and done later! All advice given is appropriate and you do "what you can" when you can

  • I can't express how doing Pilates has improved my whole wellbeing. I don't know where I might have been without it, certainly not the active person I am and strive to be. £40 spent on this course will be worth every penny. Why pay the same amount to an osteopath/chiropractor for a one of season and have to go back time after time when you can learn how to get yourself mobile again by doing regular Pilates at a fashion of the price.... if you get my


  • I still can’t believe I have a bar! The benefits of strength training is a revelation to me. I would NEVER have done this in a gym

  • I love that feeling of achievement after managing to do something you previously thought you were naff at

  • Can’t say it was easy and I was moving like a woodentop at the end and puffing like a train, but I was a star in my own living room .


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