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Happy Café Hapus

For when going to the gym is too time consuming or too intimidating....get fit online in your own time x

What happens in the Café

If you find it difficult to fit everything in, or find going to the gym a challenge, then the Café offers a place to exercise from home but with the care and attention of attending a class in person. Rachel will be able to offer you a range of workouts to suit your time - from short 20 minute fit in to 45 minute whole class.

Cafe Chats.png

Café Chats

The Café Chats are an important element of the Café, where you can sit back and listen to why things help - doing exercise without reference to its benefits can be demotivating.  Rachel brings a down to earth approach to explaining how and why diet, exercise and lifestyle can bring you health and happiness.

Supporting Docs

Alongside the workouts and chats, you can download and keep motivational calendars, workouts and other information to support your learning throughout the Café and beyond x

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