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10 top tips to lose body fat..

Updated: Sep 25, 2021

Do you know of some people who can eat anything and still stay slim? Or those who seem to be on a permeant diet and yet find it difficult to lose weight? Read on…

Weight loss is apparently a simple in and out transaction. If you eat more calories than you expend, then you put on weight, likewise, the weight should miraculously drop off when you eat less. If only life was so simple…

Yes, “calorie deficit” is a logical and practical weight loss method, but the human body is both complex in its genetic make up and lifestyle choices. That is not to say, that there is no point in trying….but more about finding a way that works for you.

Over the past few months, I feel like I have been reading endlessly the various ways that the body accesses and burns off fat (which is our ultimate health goal) and stores fat. How can we make sure that we are effective in our methods of fat loss without causing too much misery to lifestyle change.

Here are 10 things that I have learned from the amazing world of science – some sound like science fiction – but all have their roots in discovery of the human body. There is not enough space on social media to go into detail, so here is a quick list.

1. Exposure to early morning sunlight can reduce appetite – so get out each day for a walk

2. Walking and aerobic exercise has been shown to produce greater efficacy in decreasing “belly fat” - go often and sometimes go long..

3. People who “fidget” burn more fat - so set your watch to include movement every hour and don’t sit still all day.

4. Eating high processed and high sugar food can cause gut inflammation – reduce the bloat by reducing sugar

5. Plant based diets are well documented for health benefits – but meet it halfway and double the veg on your plate every mealtime.

6. Eating sugar immediately after exercise stop fat metabolism immediately – wait 30 mins and drink water (unless you have low blood sugar)

7. The “Mediterranean Diet” is considered to be the gold standard by most health professionals and scientists – switch to olive oil, increase plant-based food, limit dairy and meat, drink alcohol with meals only etc

8. Light plays an important role in helping us sleep well, and lack of sleep (less than 7 hours) is linked to increased obesity – get outside and expose your body to brighter sunlight and have dimmed lights in the evening to stimulate melatonin.

9. The recommended daily activity is about 30 mins, but for weight loss, an hour a day produced better fat loss results.

10. Being “accountable” makes a difference – so record your workouts, and your blowouts, list your moods and triggers, find new ways of coping when faced with food choices – and don’t worry not “sticking to the diet” is accepted, but get back to it as soon as you can x

Join me for the Happy Café Hapus in January 2022 where we will include additional workouts and information on how to lose body fat in a steady, sensible & sustainable way x

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