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Do you feel like your life lacks "purpose"?

“I have no purpose”

Think you have no purpose in life is one of the top ten reported quotes from a survey done by a Menopause Charity – although I suspect that many other people feel the same way too – along with “thinking you are not good enough”.

A “sense of purpose” is powerful thing. Your driving force, your guiding light, your motivation, your sense of belonging and making a difference. Having value, or believing you can be of use or an asset to another person is such an influence on our health that it often determines the outcome of how we cope with difficult situations, such as facing an illness, or a heart attack, stroke, cancer. It is an energy that we all need – and here are some ways in which this can be nurtured.

1. Cultivate:

a. Like growing anything, you need to have time and the optimum conditions. Stop focussing on what you “don’t” have and see how you can sow some seeds to a life that you want to have. Read books on self-esteem, go to groups where you can talk. Take time. Set the ground read for change.

2. Grow:

a. Once you have though about how you want your life to be, have read what other people have done and discussed with others your thoughts and feeling, then now is time to set about making small changes. Start to exercise, get outside, eat well, be involved with groups that have similar interests or help people who are worse off than you. See your world from the height of a helicopter flying above and not from the problems that crowd your room. Perspective.

3. Damage Limitation:

a. You don’t have to be a superhero, apply damage limitation to the situation with a hot bath, going for a massage, giving a gift to another person – anything to get over the hump before we get back to it.

4. Look up and around:

a. Looking up has been shown to have a positive effect on mental health. “Holding your head high” has more purpose than being proud of yourself, confident in yourself, and a lot to do with self-esteem. “Looking down” can make you feel “down” when we have bad news or feel upset, this is our natural stance. But you can help reverse a negative mood by lifting your head, scanning the horizon. Is it a coincidence that “heaven” is up, and “hell” is down??

b. Stop the phone all the time, look at the sky, the trees, listen to the waves etc.

5. Invest in you:

a. If you spend more time, money, and effort on cleaning the house/car/dog than you do on yourself, then look again at the budget. Investing in you will bring you more joy than you can imagine. New things are a distraction. Place as much care on your mind and body as you do for everyday chores, spends, and clothes/cleaning products/household items etc

Find your purpose - it could save your life x

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