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Tachwedd - November 2021

Croeso - Welcome Time seems to be flying by and it is already November with both Halloween and Bonfire Night done - and now as the nights draw in, we look forward to hunkering down and maybe planning for some Christmas fun. I hope that you are managing to get outside as much as possible - I know I struggle with the fading light, but find being busy helps, alongside a lot of fairy lights! ***** The autumn has been a busy month, with the first Pilates and Your Pelvic Floor Course on its last week and some new talks coming up soon. First, on November 10th, I will be speaking on the Sure Mental Health Workshop on how Exercise can help with the Menopause - the link is below if you wish to join in, the event is free and includes other speakers across two days. ***** I have a half day workshop on the 14th November 10am - 1pm, on how exercise and diet can help osteoporosis and this is suitable for class members and fitness professionals - link below x ***** I am also speaking on Menopause & Exercise at the Aber TEDx talks on December the 5th - see link below. ***** We have started our first week of the Christmas Café with some of the founding members still with us alongside some new faces. This Café will be available for you to join and use until the beginning of January. Each workout is recorded and you can use them as much as you want. Link below. ***** Finally, classes seem to have settled down and so from next week I will be able to revert back to one evening class in Borth Hall on a Tuesday. The class time will go back to 6pm from Tuesday 16th November. We will keep this going up until the 14th December and start again on the 11th January 2022. The Back Care Class on a Monday will continue until the 6th December and restart on the 10th January 2022. Link below x ***** Please get in touch if you want me to put on any specific events or workshops x ***** Wishing you all a very happy and peaceful weekend

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