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Standing Pilates

I love standing Pilates!

During lockdown, when workout space was limited to your lounge or bedroom, I started to do some standing Pilates - it over came some of the problems with trying to view a workout whilst you were lying on the floor, alongside equipment and space issues too. And I discovered that I loved it.

I know that it is not original, but it gave me a whole different perspective on how you could exercise in a different plane of movement. It looks at balance and I think amazing functional fitness and stability. It incorporates proprioceptive movements to strengthen ankle, knee and hips joints, allows you to train the all important Pelvic Floor along side some great shoulder movements which are especially good if you are then off for a round of golf or tennis!

It is also great if you can't get up and down off the floor easily and you can train with the aid of a dining room chair for balance. Yes, maybe it is not the hardest of workouts, but on a Saturday morning, there is nothing like it for waking you up ready for the weekend, or doing it as a post workout stretch after your run.

Have a go - like me, you might find it fabulous xx

The standing Pilates class is part of the "Happy Café Hapus" group where you can join in online workouts for a little as £2.50 per week. See webpage for details x

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